NO.VI.ART project "Music a bridge between people" was created seven years ago. The "young mediterranean music festival" was instead created four years ago and it will take place in Forlì at the end of the Summer Class in July. The national groups currently involved are: Italy, Montenegro, Macedonia, Serbia, Kosovo, Spain, Romania, Slovenia, Bosnia-Herzegovina. In 2019 Greece also joins the project. This exchange it's an opportunity for young people to experiece in a new way a daily relationship between people coming for totally different cultural and sotial backgrounds, fiding  way to dialogue and live together thanks to the music language. The violin key chosen as the symbol for this exchange doesn't close doors but instead opens them and builds bridges in a society where walls are built ad where fear and mistrust are a daily occurrence. The peaceful cohexistence between people and populations are supposed to be the requirements to create a Pan-european orchestra: metaphor of a union in which individuals contribute with their diversity and characteristics for the creation of a united armony. Such intention, in practical terms, is realised through an alternation of conceptual activities (thematic workshops, round tables, music laboratories), recreational activities (trips and meetings) and leisure activities (games to know eachother and o develop team-building). Through these activities the participants are asked to conform the concept of classical music and the one related to various styles and popular genres typical of every country involved. This is a way to make young musicians know different cultures and countries, everything in an informal but active way. Moreover it helps to understand the importance of classical music to traditional music.  



The summer class is going to take place at the musical institute "Angelo Masini" in Forlì from 6th to 15th July 2019. Students who joined this project will have the possibility to undertake two parallel musical paths. The first one will be dedicated to the individual and technical abilities, infact the students will have the possibility to attend instrument classes with a team of top level and international teachers The classes of instrument which will be available are: piano, accordion, flute, bassoon, oboe, violin, viola and cello. This year also the composition class will be introduced.

The project will end with auditions aimed at selecting 14 students for a tour in August in Italy and Slovenia. 


The second path is the orchestra experiece with the aim of creating the "Young Pan-european Orchestra" which will perform at the "Young mediterranean music festival" in three concerts in Romagna along with these concerts. There is going to be also a soloists concert.


The young Pan-european orchestra will offer two types of repertoire: the directed by M° Fabio Speradio will be of classical music, genre wih which all stuents will compete in the daily academic study. The second repertoire is the traditional balkan music directed and arranged by M° Bardh Jakova and M° Stefano Bertozzi. This is a genre which originated man "cultured" manifestation and reresens the space to practice a classical but unusual music. Summing up it's a major component of the common european identity.


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